When does Austria turn clocks back in 2021? Standard Time returns tomorrow — set your clocks

Photo Frank Pfeiffer via Pixabay

While Daylight Savings Time (DST) in Austria is something outdated and unnecessary, and something the EU is trying to put a stop to for all its members, we still got stuck turning our clocks forward in early 2021.


That means early tomorrow morning — Sunday, October 31st, 2021 — with Summer Time now over, everyone in Austria will be expected to turn their clocks back an hour, so the country can return to Standard Time. (Central European Time (CET), UTC +1).

As various European countries do it at different times throughout the same day, if you live in Austria and so are currently living in Central European Summer Time (CEST), you should turn your clocks back one hour at 03:00 (3 am) local time.

Making 3am become 2am once again, getting Austria back to Standard Time, and giving Austrians an often much-needed extra hour in bed.

Whether 2021 will be the last year Austrians have to worry about Daylight Savings Time, however, is still an unknown.

Sure, the EU voted in 2018 to get rid of the outdated tradition by 2021 but, with the continent’s current obsession with Covid-19 above and beyond everything else, that could be delayed for another year or two.

Roll on early 2022, and we’ll see what is decided then.

Meanwhile, if you are living in Austria, remember to turn your clock back an hour tonight before you go to bed or tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Otherwise, you could find yourself being the only one in the office on Monday.

And, if you ever have any confusion about the current time in Austria, the Time Is site is extremely helpful with that.

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