Vienna’s Allgemeines Krankenhaus is Austria’s #1 hospital per Newsweek and Statista

Vienna’s Allgemeines Krankenhaus – photo courtesy Thomas Ledl

Anyone who lives in Austria and knows how good the Austrian healthcare system is probably doesn’t need to be told Austria has some of the world’s best hospitals.

That’s why when several Austrian hospitals were named in the Newsweek and Statista researched World’s Best Hospitals 2024 list this week, hardly anyone should be surprised that Vienna’s Allgemeines Krankenhaus (aka AKH or Vienna General Hospital in English) was named as the 25th best hospital in the world.

Or that, in Austria, Allgemeines Krankenhaus was named as Austria’s #1 hospital with a very high score of 91.5 percent.

How the World’s Best Hospitals list was compiled

According to Newsweek, the World’s Best Hospitals 2024 list was generated from an online survey from 85,000 international medical experts, as well as using public data from post-hospitalization patient surveys on how satisfied patients were with their care.

The survey was compiled by the German online data gathering company Statista, and looked at 2,400 hospitals across 30 countries.

While, of course, like many of these lists, the results are very subjective, the World’s Best Hospitals 2024 list does serve to highlight both how well Austrian hospitals serve their patients, and how happy those patients generally are with the care they receive from them.

Top 10 Best Hospitals in Austria via Newsweek graphic

Other top Austrian hospitals

Other Austrian hospitals that appear at the top of the 2024 list include Innsbruck’s Landeskrankenhaus Universitätskliniken at #2, the Landeskrankenhaus – Universitätsklinikum Graz at #3, the Kepler Universitätsklinikum in Linz at #4, and Salzburg’s Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg – Universitätsklinikum der PMU at #5.

Check out the Top 10 list above via Newsweek, while you can also see all 25 Austrian hospitals that are reported to be among the world’s best here.

The World’s Best Hospitals 2024

As for the top hospitals in the world, as you might expect, the Top 5 consist of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester at #1, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio at #2, Toronto General – University Health Network in Toronto, Canada at #3, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland at #4 and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts at #5.

Again, a very subjective list, considering the American news corporation putting together the list in league with a German statistics company always seems to have North American hospitals completely taking over the Top 5, but it is still food for thought.

Especially when it comes to Austrian hospitals and Allgemeines Krankenhaus (AKH) being named #1 Austrian hospital as, frankly, I have never heard anything but good things about the hospital, its staff and the care the people I know receive there.

AKH, by the way, is Europe’s fifth largest hospital.

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