Street art in Vienna, Austria — these murals are everywhere and they’re beautiful

Street art in Vienna, Austria comes in all kinds of styles

Now, before you start reading this post about street art in Vienna, Austria, let me say I am not giving you in-depth details about street murals in Vienna.

Nor am I telling you where most of this Viennese street art is located in the city.

At least not in this post.

Instead, I will do that in a later one as I publish newer photographs.

This is particularly the situation as some of the murals I have photographed over the last five years either no longer exist, or I took the photo so long ago I can’t remember where I took it.

What this quick post on street art in Vienna will give you instead is just an idea of the styles of murals you may see in the Austrian capital city, how prevalent they are, and how the types of art are so incredibly varied.

And, of course, how beautiful so many of them are.

Especially as some of them seem to appear so quickly yet look like something of museum quality.

So… here we go… These is just some of the street art I have photographed in Vienna from 2017 to 2022.


A street mural on the side of a cafe on Yppenplatz, Vienna.


Still Yppenplatz…


Yppenplatz again…


Many of Vienna’s murals are a building tall and so detailed it must have taken the artist weeks to paint — this one was taken at twilight, so is much darker than the mural actually is when you’re standing in front of it. Its location is at Magdalenenstraße 20, and you’ll find a better photograph of it on The Culture Trip website.


Return to Yppenplatz…yes, there are quite a few murals and pieces of street art in this Viennese square, and they change often. It is also the location of a thriving street market and many restaurants and cafes.


Well, they are… (Yppenplatz, of course).


I saw these two murals being painted over a period of a couple of weeks.


There are so many small murals all over Vienna — on the walls of businesses, shops, office buildings, even schools.




Das Werk — Outdoor Art Gallery, Spittelauer Lände — (Donau Kanal).


This piece of street art in Vienna beautifully covers a garage and its surrounding brickwork, making what is normally a pretty dull spot beautiful.


Disney mural on the banks of the Donau Kanal (Danube Canal), Vienna.


Street art in Vienna at Neustiftgasse 23 — just like it says.


You’ll find more information about the location of this Vienna mural on Oh My Vienna here.

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