How much debt per capita does Austria have in 2023? – Short questions and answers about Austria

Another in our series of ‘Short Questions and Answers About Austria

While Austria is generally considered a wealthy country, it may surprise some people to know that the debt per capita Austria currently has may be quite a bit more than they expect.

So much so, Austria is currently #10 in the world for the highest amount of debt per capita.

How much debt per capita does Austria have in 2023?

The latest available figures (for 2021) show the amount of debt per capita that Austria owes is $44,016.

That means, Austria owes $44,016 for every man, woman and child living in the country.

That is up from $40,374 in 2020, which was already up from $35,289 in 2019.

That being said, current deficit per capita in 2023 is expected to decrease when the official 2022 debt figures for Austria are released.

Especially as the number was already down in September 2022 compared with the previous quarter.

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