Fake police and bank scam in Vienna, Austria targets two more elderly people this month

Bank scams in Vienna, Austria have been ongoing for many years

In the last few years, there have been various fake police and bank scams occurring in Vienna, Austria.

To the extent that, almost every time I check my account online, there is another warning from my bank about the latest scam to avoid.

Now, according to Vienna police (LPD Wien), there have been yet more victims of the fake police and bank scam in Vienna that, at this point at least, seems to be targeting elderly people more often than those of us who are younger.

Two elderly people in Vienna robbed by scammers posing as bank employees and police officers

The latest instance of the ongoing fake police and bank scam in Vienna targeted two elderly people in the city recently, with the result that both people were robbed of many thousands of euros and other valuables.

According to the LPD Wien, both incidents occurred at the beginning of November (November 2nd and 3rd, 2023) — one in the Meidling area of Vienna (12th District), and the other in the Wieden area of the city (4th District).

  1. Fake police and bank scam #1An 85-year-old woman received a phone call from a “bank employee” to tell her someone had tried to access her savings account with a fake ID. A man then contacted the woman claiming to be a police officer and told her, in order to be safe, she should empty her bank account of cash and her safety deposit box of valuables. The “police officer” would then come to her home to pick up the cash and other valuables, so it could be taken into safekeeping for her. A man then appeared at her home soon afterwards and took her money and valuables with a value somewhere in the five figures. An acquaintance of the woman later alerted Vienna police.
  2. Fake police and bank scam #2 A 78-year-old man was also contacted by a “bank employee” the day after with the same story of an illegal attempted withdrawal from his bank account. The woman then transferred him to a “police officer” who told the man he would pick him up and take him to the bank to withdraw his money, which he could then give to the police officer for safe keeping. Again, the amount was in the five figures range.

In light of the recent bank scam in Vienna, the Vienna police department is warning people, but especially the elderly who are often easier targets for scammers, about two important things:

  1. Police will never come to your home to pick up cash or valuables for safe keeping.
  2. If you do receive such a phone call, immediately hang up and call the police at 133.

If you would like more information about possible banking or other ongoing scams in Vienna, you can get prevention tips from the crime prevention department of the LPD Wien at 0800-216-346. (Other contact information for other prevention/victim support phone numbers outside Vienna here).

There is also a very unwieldy email address you can use to contact them — [email protected].

And, of course, if you know anyone who is involved in these kinds of scams, or suspect as much, please contact Vienna police.

After all, not only are scammers some of the worst people on the planet, those who specifically target the elderly are particularly vile.

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