Covid quarantine in Austria no longer required for asymptomatic people as of August, 2022

If you test positive for Covid in Austria, as of August, you are no longer required to quarantine if you are asymptomatic (ie: do not exhibit any symptoms).

According to Austrian Health Minister Johannes Rauch, the decision to remove Covid quarantine in Austria for those who do not have any symptoms was made “due to the pandemic’s psychological and social impact”.

Of course, requiring people to quarantine if they are asymptomatic (or if they have symptoms if the truth be known) makes no scientific sense at this point anyway.

First, Covid is now nothing but a common cold for 99.8% of people who contract it, with the majority not exhibiting any symptoms at all.

So, if we are required to quarantine because of testing positive for Covid, will the Austrian government demand we quarantine the next time we catch a cold or the flu, as they are just about as dangerous?

Second, as millions of “vaccinated” people in Austria could quite easily contract Covid but, with some not getting tested as they erroneously believe the Covid “vaccine” prevents them from catching the virus, aren’t they just as “dangerous” to have walking around in society as those who have tested positive for Covid but have no symptoms?

Of course, few of the Covid rules the current Austrian government has pushed have had any basis in scientific fact from the first months of the Covid panic way back in early 2020. (Masks required when walking around a restaurant, but not while sitting eating, anyone?)

Hence, why, even though asymptomatic people are no longer required to quarantine, they are still required to wear masks indoors, as well as outside if close to others.

Masks that are also now being proven to be completely ineffective against Covid.

Other rules for those testing positive for Covid in Austria, but asymptomatic, include keeping a distance of at least two meters (six feet) from others if they are not wearing a mask, and not being allowed to enter hospitals or nursing homes, due to the vulnerability of people housed in them.

The mandatory reporting of Covid-19 infections to Austrian health authorities also remains in place.

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