Austrian population increases in first six months of 2022 by more than 82,000 people

The Saturday fruit and veg market at Yppenplatz is just one of the things newcomers love about living in Vienna

In some of the latest information released by Statistics Austria, it appears the Austrian population increased once again during the first six months of 2022.

This time to a new milestone as, instead of the population of Austria hovering under the 9 million mark, as it has been for quite a while, the official population of Austria now stands at 9,061,848 as of June 30th , 2022.

That is an increase of 82,919 people between January 1st, 2022 and June 30th, 2022.

In other words, quite a sizable number of people moving to Austria for the first time, returning to Austria or being born in the country.

Considering most of the Covid-19 restrictions were still in place until the end of May, this means tens of thousands of people moved to the Alpine country during them as well.

The increase to the Austrian population of 82,919 during the first half of 2022 is also almost double the entire increase in population of 2021

In that year, the population of the country increased by just 46,265.

Sure, the country was still under Covid lockdown for much of 2021 but, still, that is quite a low population increase.

Where in Austria did the population increase the most from January to June, 2022?

With nine Austrian provinces, obviously some of them will have seen a larger population growth than others. Especially as a couple already have population sizes quite close to that of Vienna. (Yes, most of Austria’s population is concentrated in just four of the country’s nine provinces — Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Styria)

As you might expect the province of Vienna, where the capital of Austria lies, saw the largest increase in population between January and June, 2022, with 31,186 more people living in the city in June than were living there in January.

In other provinces, Salzburg saw an increase of 4,145 people, Carinthia had 3,131 more people living in it by June, and Lower Austria found itself with 14,669 more living there than at the beginning of the year.

12,337 more are also now living in Upper Austria than in early 2022, Burgenland grew a little less but still experienced an increase of 2,874 people, Tyrol had 4,341 more people either move in or be born there, Vorarlberg was the province that had the lowest growth with 2,741, while Styria with its 7,495 was slap bang in the middle.

With the current Austrian population officially standing at 9,061,848, don’t expect that figure to remain that way for long, however, as updated numbers will be released again on October 1st.

Meanwhile, if you plan on being one of the next few tens of thousands who decide to make Austria their home. you might decide to start out in Vienna.

If so, check out the video below from the Vienna Tourist Board. It shows why Vienna’s superb quality of life has made the Austrian capital city one of the world’s best places to live.

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