Almost 20% of people living in Austria born abroad, 36.7% in Vienna

According to the Austrian broadcasting company Österreichische Rundfunk (ORF), almost 20% of the population of Austria in 2020 was born abroad.

That means 1.765 million (19.8%) of Austria’s current almost nine million residents/citizens were born overseas.

As might be expected, that number is the highest in Vienna, the capital city, where 36.7% of people currently living here were not born in Austria.

The lowest number was 11.6 percent in Burgenland, the easternmost state of Austria’s nine states (Länder in German) and a state with the country’s lowest population.

The latest figures come from a report by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), which states there has been an increase of foreign-born residents in Austria since 2015 of around 18.9%.

About Michelle Topham

I'm a journalist, and the founder of Oh My Vienna. I have been living in Vienna since 2016 as an immigrant, because 'expat' is just a fancy word that means exactly that.