A typical Austrian breakfast in Vienna — Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day — “Breakfast in Vienna always hits the spot”

A typical Austrian breakfast in Vienna, either in a local cafe or hotel, is often very similar no matter where you eat it.

This was my breakfast a couple of weeks ago when I stayed at theĀ Flemings Hotel Wien-Stadthalle, and is a wonderful Photo of the Day to show what you can expect to eat if you stay in a hotel in Vienna.

It was a typical Austrian breakfast I put together myself from the many, many offerings on the hotel’s buffet, but still very typical of what I would eat if I had breakfast out in Vienna with friends and ordered a breakfast from a menu.

In this case, a couple of Kaiser rolls, with cold cuts of two different kinds of ham, slices of cheese, a couple of olives, butter, Nutella and jam.

Add in a couple of cups of delicious creamy coffee, and this hit the spot for a nice Austria breakfast.

Others seated around me were eating similar things, with the addition of food like smoked bacon, eggs and sausages.

Some also chose several of the hotel’s sweet pastries.

In other words, if you eat breakfast in Vienna or anywhere else in Austria, you are not likely to leave the table still hungry.

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