Bomb in a Vienna disco turns out to be a flashing red light seen by a drunk guy

Stock photo Dominik Mecko – via Unsplash

According to a Vienna police spokesman, and via a press release from LPD Wien, a 24-year-old man made a call to emergency services in the early hours of this morning saying there was a bomb in a Vienna disco in the Favoriten area of the city.

The call took place around 2:45 a.m, and resulted in emergency services including bomb disposal experts being dispatched to the disco.

After searching the building and the surrounding area, officials found nothing.

Employees at the disco also told police they had not seen anything suspicious.

The man who had made the call was ultimately contacted by phone, upon which time he told police he had seen a flashing red light in the toilets and had presumed it was a bomb.

So he called the police, and then went home.

As he was slurring while speaking on the phone, and seemed to be drunk, he was then booked on suspicion of faking a crime, an offense that is punishable by law.

Meanwhile, should you want to learn more about current crime in Vienna (which, frankly, is extremely low compared to other major cities of its size), Polizei Wien (LPD Wien) has an excellent X (Twitter) account you should follow.

Tweets are sent throughout every day, including national holidays, keeping people up-to-date on what is happening in the city, including reports like this.

The person/people who run the Polizei Wien account also have a funny and quite dry sense of humor, so when reporting things that are not too serious, the account often provides a good laugh.

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