39-year-old man dies after fall from window in Vienna’s Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district

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Police officers from the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus division of the Vienna Police (Polizei Wien) were called to an incident in that district earlier today (15th District) after a man was reported to have fallen from a window.

The incident took place around 11:40 a.m on March 20th but, when officers arrived, the man (aged 39) was found dead on the sidewalk.

The rescue service (Berufsrettung Wien) was also called to the site, but were only able to confirm that the man had already died.

Contact police with any information you may have about the man’s death

Police do not currently have much information about what happened, why the man fell, or if foul play was involved.

Some circumstances connected to the fall, including specific injuries, could be suspicious, which is why an autopsy may also take place, in an attempt to confirm what caused the man’s death.

In connection to that, Polizei Wien are currently asking for anyone who knows anything about the man’s death, or who may have witnessed it, to contact them with information.

Especially as, at this time, they say they are unable to rule out third-party negligence.

Meanwhile, the Vienna State Criminal Police Office (Das Landeskriminalamt Wien) has taken over the investigation.

You can contact Vienna Police via email at LPD-W@polizei.gv.at or by phone at +43 1 31310-0.

Meanwhile, you will find Polizei Wien’s press release about the man’s death in German here.

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