Where to Find Vegan Chocolate in Vienna, Austria — It’s Cheap Too

If you are looking for vegan chocolate in Vienna, Austria, you are in the right place. Not only can you find it at hundreds of stores around town, both chain stores and independent, much of the time it is pretty inexpensive as well.

One of the easiest places to find vegan chocolate in Vienna is at one of the branches of the DM Drogerie Markt — simply known as DM in Austria. There are huge numbers of branches all over Vienna and, as prices are very cheap, their vegan chocolate is affordable as well.

The two bars I bought there on Saturday (see photo above) were a DM brand of bio (organic) dark chocolate that sells for 1 euro 15 cents (ridiculously cheap for a high quality bar of organic vegan chocolate), and a bar of Vego milk chocolate with hazlenuts that sells for 1.99 euros.

Denn’s is also an excellent place for vegan chocolate in Vienna. This is the most popular completely organic store in the city with, again, branches in every district. You will find a variety of vegan chocolate here, from dark chocolate to milk as well as bars with nuts and fruit.

Basic is another all-bio (organic) supermarket that is similar to Denn’s but with lower prices. They also sell vegan chocolate bars. There is only one branch of Basic in Vienna currently but, as they are located right next to the Meidling U-bahn train station, they are easy to get to.

For the best selection of everything vegan, including chocolate, head to Veganz. This is the German all-vegan supermarket, and it stocks just about every type of vegan food product you can think of. There is only one branch in Vienna at the moment, and it is a little bit out of the way, but, if you go to the Pilgramgasse train station, and take a five-minute walk from there, you will find it. (Google maps will help).

There are also plenty of specialty chocolate stores dotted around the city that sell handmade chocolate, and some of them do offer the vegan alternative. All in all, if you like vegan chocolate, you will find many good opportunities to buy it in Vienna.

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