Visit the Vienna Ice Cream Festival, 2017 at Augarten, July 8th and 9th

Visit the second annual Vienna Ice Cream Festival, 2017 at Augarten, July 8th and 9th

One thing I figured out pretty quickly when I arrived in Vienna was how much the Viennese love their ice cream. So much so, I was not surprised to find out soon afterwards that Vienna has the largest number of ice cream bars in Europe.

That also means there should be no surprise then when you find out the Vienna Ice Cream Festival, 2017 is being held at Augarten this weekend — Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th. And it’s free to visit.

The Vienna Ice Cream Festival 2017 is in just its second year and, as it’s already likely to be even bigger than last year’s, the organizers have moved it to Augarten. That also means lots of lovely park space to relax in while you gorge yourself on ice cream. (Did I say “gorge”? Who? Me?)

Expect to find ice cream booths from places like Zuckero, La Romana, Rocco, Harrer, and, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, Veganista should be there as well.

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And, of course, if you are particular about the type of ice cream you will eat, the Vienna Ice Cream Festival has it all — soft serve, ice cream in wafers and waffle cones, in bowls and, of course, even ice lollies if you’re not too big on the creamy stuff.

Don’t just think it’s only ice cream either, as the organizers have planned for those people who just want to go and get the whole meal. So you can definitely expect food trucks from a variety of other restaurants, so you can actually make a meal of it without all your calories being from creamy milk and sugar.

The Vienna Ice Cream Festival 2017 starts on Saturday July 8th at 11am and goes through until 9pm. The same thing on Sunday.

For more information, check out the organization’s Facebook page.

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