Vienna’s Passageways Lead To All Kinds of Enchanting Places

If you spend enough time wandering around Vienna, Austria, you will come across thousands of narrow passageways all over the city. Passageways still in use by the general public today, and leading to all kinds of interesting places.

This morning, while on my usual early morning speed walk, I snapped a couple of photographs of typical Vienna passageways.

One at Vienna’s Imperial Hofburg Palace (now that’s a lovely place to exercise around), and another leading off one of Vienna’s main shopping streets — Mariahilfer Strasse — and down into a secluded area where you will find tiny bars, a juice bar, a tea room, a superb vegetarian restaurant and a waffle house.

Einkaufs Passage Vienna

A lovely passageway just off MariaHilfer Strasse. Called ‘Einkaufspassage’ or ‘Shopping Arcade’, it leads to tiny boutiques, bars and cafes

Many of Vienna’s passageways were built several hundred years ago and, while some probably look just the same as they did when the building was first erected, others, like the six at the MuseumsQuartier, with their stunning barrel-vaulted ceilings, change quite often depending on what they are showcasing that week.

archway Hofburg Palace

An archway leading out of a passageway at Vienna’s Imperial Hofburg Palace

So the next time you are in Vienna, take some time and head down a few of these tiny, and sometimes almost secret, passageways that you will see all over the city. It’s amazing what you sometimes find at the other end.

And, of course, they are fabulous for the photographer in you.


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