Vienna’s flower shops brighten up the Austrian capital — Photo of the Day

Vienna’s flower shops brighten up the Austrian capital — Photo of the Day

One thing you will realize quickly when you first arrive in Vienna is how much the Viennese love their flower shops.

Called Blumenläden in German, Vienna flower shops are everywhere. Outside U-bahn train stations, in small kiosks on street corners and, of course, as large well-known florist shops on city blocks all over the city.

During the winter, Vienna’s flower shops offer a mix of pot plants, herbs, evergreen bushes and plants, with typical Christmas plants and holiday arrangements appearing later in the year.

It is in the spring and summer, though, where Vienna’s flower shops excel as each little shop welcomes the warmer weather with containers of bright and beautiful bursts of color you can see from blocks away.

Prices for a bouquet of flowers or a plant in Vienna are reasonable as well, so don’t be surprised if you discover your favorite flowers in a container next to a flower shop with a sign saying ‘2 bouquets for 11 euros‘ Or a gorgeous succulent plant for less than 10 euros. And that sometimes even includes the ceramic pot.

And while some people will recommend a particular Vienna florist as one of the best flower shops in the city, honestly, I haven’t seen much difference with most of them.

They all seem to be teeming over with the most gorgeous floral arrangements, bouquets and flowering plants, and are the perfect place to pick up a last minute gift, to show someone how much you love them or simply to brighten up your own home.

A gorgeous florist on Josefstadter Strasse in Vienna, Austria.

Many of Vienna’s flower shops are also open on Sundays when most other stores in the city are closed. So, if you suddenly realize you need to take something with you to a lunch or a party you have been invited to, pop into one of Vienna’s florists and pick out something pretty.

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