Vienna Murals — Man With Beard

If you like street art, and in particular murals and painted buildings, you will love Vienna, Austria as they are all over the city.

Murals on apartment buildings. Murals on offices. Murals on shops, and walls and even on official buildings.

In fact, there are so many murals in Vienna, if you make sure you have a camera with you every time you leave your apartment or hotel, you should end up with some pretty fabulous shots.

This Vienna mural, for instance, is in my neighborhood of the city — the 6th district, or Mariahilf district of the city, and is painted on the half-exposed side of an apartment building.

It is one of my favorite pieces of Vienna street art because, as you will discover if you spend enough time in this amazing city, Vienna has more men with beards than just about any other city on the planet. This one just happens to be quite a bit bigger than the rest.

And me? I love men with beards.

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