Vienna-based start-up ‘Music Traveler’ aims to help musicians visiting a new city easily book a practice space

Vienna-based Music Traveler aims to help musicians visiting a new city easily book a practice space — how cool is that?

Vienna is becoming known for having more than its fair share of innovative start-ups, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you learn about one of the latest ones.

A Vienna-based start-up called Music Traveler that, once its app launches, will help musicians find a practice space or a rehearsal room when they are in a new city.

After all, every musician knows what a hassle it can be to find somewhere to practice if they are just in town for a few days.

Musicians looking for practice space/rehearsal rooms

According to their website, Music Traveler is launching soon and will connect anyone who plays a musical instrument (professional, semi-professional, hobbyist or student) with a place to practice.

All you will have to do to take advantage of the service is to download the Music Traveler app and sign up for the service. Then, as you know you have a trip coming up, look for a suitable practice space and book it.

The app will also connect you directly to the space, so you won’t have to wait hours or even days to hear back via phone or email. Everything will be done via app in just a few minutes, and then you can get going planning the rest of your trip.

There will be available spaces for all budgets and all times and, whether you have your cello with you or need to rent a room with a piano, you should be able to find exactly what you want.

People wanting to rent out practice space

Do you own a business that has lots of free rooms available and wouldn’t mind having a musician or two for a few hours?

Are you an individual with a practice room of your own, and who certainly wouldn’t mind renting it out to a fellow musician now and again?

Contact Music Traveler and get your details added to the app before it goes live. (Or after, too).

Business hosts can sign up here, and individuals here.

Music Traveler has some superb support

Music Traveler has offices in both Vienna and New York and, if this fabulous idea really takes off, you could eventually find yourself with practice rooms in cities all over the world in just the time it takes to fire up an app and choose one.

Billy Joel, Hans Zimmer and Sean Lennon are Board Members and Chief Ambassadors of the organization, and their advisory board includes such luminaries as cellist Nicolas Altstädt, pianist Yefim Bronfman, violinist David Garrett and pianist Yuja Wang to name just a few.

The folks behind Music Traveler have also been able to get the support of the Vienna Business Agency, the Austrian public broadcaster ORF RadioKulturhaus, Steinway and Sons, and the Amadeus International School Vienna just to show you how legit this new service for musicians is going to be.

Music Traveler is still in beta, but you should sign up now and follow them on Facebook as, once it launches, you will be one of the first musicians able to go to a new city and have immediate use of a practice room with very little effort involved at all.

As the folks at Music Traveler say — Search. Book. Play.

It couldn’t be more simple.

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