The Timelapse Photography on ‘A Taste of Vienna’ is Superb — (Video)

There is a small Austrian production team called FilmSpektakel that does superb work with time lapse photography. They were the people responsible for the time lapse scenes during the opening for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which took place in Vienna, as well as for the A Taste of Austria‘ time lapse film, which garnered so much international attention.

One of my favorite pieces of work by FilmSpektakel, though, is their superb time lapse film ‘A Taste of Vienna‘, which is a lightning fast trip around Austria’s capital city during all hours of the day and night, and in every season.

A Taste of Vienna‘ gives you an incredible sense of what it is like to travel on a traditional Viennese tram, as well as has you experiencing a play at the city’s iconic Volkstheater, enjoying amazing views out over Vienna from all kinds of places, gives you a very fast drive through the city, and lets you see Schönbrunn Palace‘s famous gardens.

And it is not just the gorgeous cinematography that is so beautiful to see, it is also the spectacular editing and sound effects throughout ‘A Taste of Austria‘ that are so wonderful.

As for the production notes? The boys at FilmSpektakel say this — “It took us one week of planning every single frame, one year of production (next to paid film jobs and university), and 2 TB hard drive space to create this time lapse movie”.

The boys, by the way, are Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski who filmed and produced the video, with the spectacular sound design being done by Benjamin Bauernfeind.

Watch FilmSpektakel’s ‘A Taste of Vienna‘ to see what I mean, and to get a taste of this most amazing city.

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