Pop-Up Shops in Vienna, Austria — Cool Products, Fun Spaces

Pop up shops Vienna

Pop-up shops in Vienna, Austria have become incredibly popular, with so many appearing around the city, you could do an awful lot of your shopping in them.

In the couple of months I’ve been in Vienna, I’ve seen everything from pop-up clothing shops, to pop-up bookshops to a shop that sells only Austrian-made products to a pop-up coffee shop, and one that is a Japanese tea room.

Pop-up shops in Vienna are so popular, in fact, there are several companies that now specialize in them — renting out space on a temporary basis to anyone who feels like running a pop-up store for a few days or weeks would be a cool thing to do.

Go Pop-Up is one of the companies that does this, and they have an extensive listing of spaces currently available.

Prices range from 70 euros a day for a small cafe space right up to over 1,000 euros a day for a large space that would house an exhibit area, a cafe and offices.

pop up shop vienna austria clothes

Austrian-made products pop-up shop selling clothing, bags, photographs, fruit juices and teas, and even toys.


pop up shop vienna austria japanese tea shop

A Japanese tea shop pop-up store in Vienna that is just open for a couple of weeks. Before this shop opened, there was one selling clothing in the same spot.

If you have an idea for a cool pop-up store in Vienna, why not check out Go Pop Up’s website? You might find a space that is perfect for you, or you may find photographs of previous pop-up shops in Vienna that give you some ideas for your next pop-up venture.

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