Look Up in Vienna, There’s Even More Beauty Above the Ground

When you visit Vienna, chances are you do not look up as much as you should. But, let me tell you, some of the best parts of Vienna are actually a few meters in the air.

And, if you walk around peering into shop windows, or looking at the brightly colored trams going by on the street, you will miss them.

Because Vienna’s architecture is incredible. Not only because of the design of the buildings themselves, but also due to the ornate decorative features you will often find on them — sculptures, statues, gargoyles and, of course, the ‘tower rooms’ and extra floors that have been added right at the very top of so many buildings around this amazing city.

Look at this one, for instance, perched up on top of a gorgeously ornate building on Burggasse just a few blocks north of Mariahilfer Strasse.

It almost looks like a very decorative ice cream cone, except it’s all metal and steam-punkish and cool.

And can you imagine how fabulous it must be to sit in there? Or to look out of the windows at the city moving along below?

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