Is Vienna’s Ottakringer Beer Vegan?

Not only am I a big fan of Vienna’s Ottakringer beer but, since I switched to a completely vegan diet recently, I was very interested to find out if Ottakringer was a vegan beer, or if I was going to have to change the beer I drink and like to something else.

Thankfully, after just a little bit of research, I discovered that, yes indeed, Austria’s fabulous Ottakringer beer, both the Radler and the Helles is absolutely a vegan beer.

So what ingredients does the Ottakringer company put in its beer to keep it vegan?

In German, the list for Ottakringer’s Radler and Ottakringer’s Helles looks like this:

Ottakringer Helles: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hopfenextrakt.

Ottakringer Radler: 50% Bier (Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hopfenextrakt), 50% Zitronenlimonade mit Zucker und Süßungsmitteln. Enthält eine Phenylalaninquelle.”

Which translates in English into:


Ottakringer Helles: water, barley malt, hops, hop extract.
Ottakringer Radler: 50% beer (water, barley malt, hop, hop extract), 50% lemon lemonade with sugar and sweetener. Contains phenylalanine.

That means the next time you come to Vienna, if you are looking for a beer that is vegan, and that you will really enjoy drinking, you can safely drink as much of Ottakringer beer as you like.

In fact, I suggest you do.


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