Graffiti in Vienna, It’s on Every Street

When I moved to Vienna a couple of months ago, one of the first things that surprised me was how much graffiti there is around the city. Sprayed on random walls and buildings all around Vienna, what makes it stand out to me is how beautiful so much of it is, and how very little tagging is done by other artists over it.

For the street artist in Vienna that means, once your work is up, it’s not very likely someone else will come along and spray paint over it.

Graffiti in Vienna, like the wall murals all over the city, is all over the place as well. On shopping streets like Mariahilfer Strasse, on the walls that run alongside the Danube canal and, of course, on random side streets everywhere.

In fact, in my neighborhood — the sixth district — there is not a street I walk down that does not have some piece of cool graffiti somewhere.

Interesting from a cultural perspective too as you would expect Vienna, with its reputation for being more high-brow (you know, the home of Mozart), not to have much street art.


Graffiti Vienna streets


Graffiti on traditional Viennese building

When traveling around Vienna, however, make sure you take your camera or phone with you whenever you step outside the building you are staying in, and you will find so much graffiti on every city block you will do nothing but take photographs the whole time you are out.

The graffiti in Vienna also varies from solo pieces obviously painted and tagged by one artist, right down to larger pieces where several graffiti artists have added their own work.  As well as places like the Danube Canal, replete with cafes and bars, and with the walls running alongside the canal absolutely chock-a-block with legal graffiti that changes regularly.

Danube canal Vienna graffiti

The Danube canal in Vienna has walls that run for miles, and a legal graffiti art area for any artist wanting to show off his work. This artist is just getting started painting when this photo was taken.

There is even a free Vienna walking tour that runs in several months of the year, takes 3.5 hours and goes all over the city showing off alternative culture, including some of the city’s best street art and graffiti.

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