EasyJet chooses Vienna, Austria for its post-Brexit EU base

photo copyright Markus Eigenheer, Creative Commons License

British budget airline EasyJet chooses Vienna for its post-Brexit base

Congratulations are in order for my fair city as British airline EasyJet chooses Vienna, Austria for its post-Brexit EU base.

The new budget airline, EasyJet Europe, will be setting up a base in Austria as it must have an operator certificate from an EU member country if it wants to fly between EU states post-Brexit.

Hence, EasyJet chose Vienna.

EasyJet does already have offices in Vienna but, with this announcement of a new EU base, more jobs will be added in the Austrian capital. Their base here will also be expanded along with the company’s two other bases in Switzerland and the UK.

And, while the airline says it does not plan on moving staff out of the UK to either of its European bases, that could very easily change. Especially if the UK is not able to negotiate a deal for preferential treatment for its airlines with the EU once Brexit occurs, as that will make it more difficult for British airlines to establish new EU routes.

Meanwhile, it looks like it is time for me to start looking at EasyJet more closely for flights I plan on taking out of Vienna in the next few months.

After all, if they are in effect supporting Vienna, Austria and the EU with their new base, then I am perfectly happy to support them.