Coffee and Cake at Hidden Kitchen (Park) in Vienna


Coffee and Cake at Hidden Kitchen (Park) in Vienna — but they do delicious meals as well

I went to Hidden Kitchen (Park) on Invalidenstrasse in Vienna for the first time a few months ago as a friend was working there. And you know how it is. It’s nice to be able to grab a coffee and a cake while being able to chat with someone you know during their occasional stops by your table. It makes it feel all homey and all.

But honestly, I would have gone into Hidden Kitchen, friend or not, if I had been in the area and passed by it as it’s a light, bright and beautifully designed restaurant and cafe that is always busy (a sign of good food!).

Since my first visit, I’ve been back two other times and I’m feeling another visit coming on soon. Either to Hidden Kitchen (Park location) or to its sister restaurant Hidden Kitchen City (Färbergasse 3). Because it really is that nice.

Coffee and cake at Hidden Kitchen

Now, so far, I have only had coffee and cake at Hidden Kitchen, plus taken a slice of their goat cheese and apple quiche home for dinner.

But I can say on the bread pudding with a Nutella topping, their cappuccino brownie and their goat cheese quiche — yum, freaking yum.

On top of that, they do a very nice cafe latte, which also comes with a tiny biscotti if you don’t feel like eating a whole cake, their homemade lemonade is lovely and refreshing and not very sweet (which I love) and they also do raspberry, mint and lavender drinks that looked nice, as well as a slew of other tea and coffee drinks.

Food at Hidden Kitchen

The cafe does not have a huge menu but, what it does have is nice and very fresh. Oh, and yes, organic — including the meat.

It is also known in Vienna for being a good and inexpensive place for lunch, which also means between about 11am and 1pm it is very very busy.

Lunch is usually a choice of a couple of entrees (things like quiche, a stew, or fish).

There is also a soup of the day, which usually also seems to be vegan, and then six or seven salads to choose from.

Salads include things like couscous with cranberries and lentils, sweet potato with avocado hummus & roasted sunflower seeds, broccoli with mango chutney & sesame and spicy carrot salad with yogurt & mint.

Three or four of the salads are usually vegan as well, so they do cater to the non-meat eaters among us.

The way to eat here? Pick your main dish plus one, two or more salads and, of course, a dessert if you want it, and then pay accordingly.

The menu is changed weekly so you can also go often without having to eat the same food.

You can check out an example of a menu on the Hidden Kitchen website although, sadly, it is currently only available in German as the English link does not work. Google Translate, however, is your friend.

Prices at Hidden Kitchen

From what I have heard from several people who have eaten lunch at Hidden Kitchen, the fresh and delicious food is one reason why it is so busy. Their inexpensive prices are the other.

Plus, the way you get to ‘mix and match’ your food, so you can buy as little or as much as you want and as cheap as you want as well.

A small order of two salads is priced at €5.50. A large order of two salads is €7.90. A small portion of a main dish and 2-3 salads is €8.90. A large portion of both main dishes plus 3-4 salads is €10.90. Or, if you want a main course, a small salad and a soup that is €10. And on and on.

I also know someone who goes there quite regularly for lunch with a friend, and says the two main dishes plus salad at €10.90 is plenty of food for two people, so they split the food and the cost.

In other words, if you are looking for a restaurant in Vienna that serves organic and delicious food at extremely inexpensive prices and in a lovely surroundings, then Hidden Kitchen is one to try.

You will find Hidden Kitchen (Park) at Invalidenstrasse 19. It’s just a walk of a couple of blocks or so from Landstrasse U-bahn station. You can find out more about them, plus info about their second location, on their website.


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