CityBikes Wien Is a Fun Way to See Vienna, and It Can Be Free

Citybike Vienna is an amazing program. It provides environmentally-friendly bikes either free (for the first hour), or at a ridiculously cheap hourly fee after the first hour, to anyone who wants to use one.

Citybike stations are dotted all over Vienna, and all you have to do to use one is register with the program either on the company’s webpage or at the street machine next to the bikes itself (it costs a euro). Then go to the nearest bike station and pick up a bike.

When you’re finished with it? Drop it off at the Citybike station closest to where you ended up. Just make sure you lock it correctly so nobody else grabs it and your account gets charged.

Citybikes can be used every day of the year, and every hour of the day. That means, if it’s 3am and you need to get home or to your hotel, grab a bike and pedal there.

You can even get free hours all throughout the day as, all you have to do after cycling for an hour is wait 15 minutes between dropping one off and picking one up, and your next hour is free as well.

If you wander around Vienna, you will see hundreds of people every day using Citybikes and, at rush hour time, you will have to grab one fast before one of the hundreds of people going or coming from work gets there before you.

To find out more about Citybikes Vienna, or Citybikes Wien as they are usually known, check out their webpage. Then register.

You can also download this excellent app, which tells you where all the Citybikes stations are in Vienna, and which have available bikes.

Hiring a Citybike is a fun way to get around, it’s free if you only need it for just under an hour, and you get some great exercise while you’re doing it.


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