Cafe Sperl is a Beautiful Traditional Viennese Coffee House

Vienna has hundreds of traditional Viennese coffee houses or cafes that are dotted around the city; still open sometimes a couple of hundred years after they were first founded.

One such traditional Viennese coffee house is Café Sperl, located in the 6th district of Vienna (MariaHilf district).

Café Sperl was first opened in 1880, but back then was called Café Ronacher. It was soon changed to Café Sperl, however, when it was sold just a couple of years later to the Sperl family.

Nowadays, the coffee house still looks very much like it did when it first opened.

Inside Café Sperl, you will find the typical traditional Viennese coffee house style — wooden floors, circular wrote-iron-legged marble top tables, a large table spread with the days newspapers and chandeliers. There are also comfortable bench-like sofas at many of the windows with larger tables suitable for more than just one or two people, and billiard tables if you feel like having a game.

Outside, there is a pleasant terrace where you can sit in nicer weather.

The coffee itself is known as some of the best in the city.

If you visit Café Sperl the next time you are in Vienna, it may seem familiar to you. That is because it was used for several scenes in the movies Before Sunrise and A Dangerous Method.

And, yes, just like in any Vienna coffee house, you can order one cup of coffee and sit here for hours without being disturbed or asked to move on. Although, I would recommend you have some cake or a pastry with that coffee as well (try the city’s famous Vienna Sacher-Torte), as they are delicious.

You will find Café Sperl located at Gumpendorfer Straße 11, just a couple of blocks south of Mariahilfer Strasse.

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