Best vegan burgers in Vienna, Austria? Swing Kitchen has four of them

Best vegan burgers in Vienna, Austria? Swing Kitchen has four of them

Last Sunday saw my third trip to Swing Kitchen in Vienna, Austria — an all-vegan burger joint with not only some of the best vegan burgers in Vienna, but some of the best food. Period.

No wonder Swing Kitchen is often the first place the Viennese recommend when you ask about eating vegan in Vienna.

But it’s not just the vegan burgers that are so wonderful about Swing Kitchen. It’s everything about the restaurant, from its design to its seating, its cute summer outdoor patio to its friendly staff (don’t underestimate that in Vienna as it is often hard to find), and its non-plastic ‘plastic’ glasses.

So let’s start with the basics.

What does Swing Kitchen serve, and what should you eat when you head there?

Burgers and wraps

Swing Kitchen is famous for its burgers. The best vegan burgers in Vienna, I’ve been told by many a Viennese. Having had a few of them now, I’d have to say I don’t disagree.

The restaurant has four vegan burgers to choose from — three of which I have now eaten (not the chili burger, yet) :

Swing Burger — A thick juicy soy patty with BBQ sauce, crispy onions, gherkins, and salad.

Cheese Burger — A thick juicy soy patty with vegan cheese, tomato-concassée salad, mayo, red onions and a slew of fresh veggies. (These babies are big!)

Vienna Burger — A vegan shnitzel with garlic sauce, and a load of salad veggies.

Chili Burger — A soy patty with garlic sauce, ketchup, hot jalapeños and salad veggies.

They also have wraps:

Falafel Wrap — Falafel, hummus and lots of salad veggies

Kitchen Wrap — Vegan schnitzel with basil-lemon sauce, red onions and salad veggies.

Throw in their sides of French fries, onion rings, and vegan nuggets, salads like coleslaw, garden salad and nugget salad, and tasty vegan desserts like cheesecake, tiramisu, Sacher muffins, donuts, raspberry yogurt poppy seed cake and vegan ice cream, and you should be easily able to tell why Swing Kitchen is a vegan’s paradise.

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But how do they taste?

And that’s the thing. Because I’ve eaten a ton of vegan burgers in my lifetime. Frankly, many of them were dry, tasteless and nothing more than something that looks like a burger but that you would never choose to eat unless you were adamant about not eating meat, and couldn’t find anything else that was vegan.

Swing Kitchen’s vegan burgers, on the other hand, are thick, juicy and taste amazingly good. So much so, the friend who went with me and had probably never eaten anything vegan in her life thought her’s was excellent. The French fries are delicious too.

Just be warned, they are huge, so take a good appetite with you.

How to eat Swing Kitchen burgers

Swing Kitchen does this great thing whereby you can buy their burgers and sides separately, or you can buy their ‘Burger Meal’. That is a burger, a side and a drink, for an excellent price. The cheapest, the Swing Kitchen Burger Meal, is just €7.90 and that buys you a whole lot of food.

You can, of course, also add other sides and dipping sauces to the mix if you like. I tend to like mine just as they come.

But Swing Kitchen doesn’t just stop at great tasting vegan food.

Design — Its restaurants (there are currently four of them — three in Vienna) are beautifully designed with everything in them going perfectly with the clean but stylish theme.

Non-plastic — Swing Kitchen cares about they environment. That’s why they serve all their food on non-plastic plates and bowls, and wrap it in non-plastic wrappings. Even their plastic glasses aren’t. Instead they only use products made from renewable raw materials, and it’s all composted by them instead of being thrown away.

Fair trade — Wherever they can, Swing Kitchen uses organic, non-GMO and local produce.

Fair pay — They also pay higher wages than industry standard in Vienna. That’s probably why their staff always seems so damned happy.

Locations of Swing Kitchen

The Swing Kitchen location I have eaten at all three times is their restaurant at Schottenfeldgasse 3 just around the corner from Mariahilfer Strasse (see Google map below). It seats about 50 people with more seating outside on their patio in the summer time.

They also have locations at Operngasse 24, Josefstädterstraße 73 and one in Lower Austria in Vösendorf.

Opening hours: 11am-10pm — Every day of the week. Even on public holidays.

You can find out a lot more about them on their website — and yes, everything is in English.


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