Best comic book shop in Vienna, Austria? Bilderbox has my vote

Bilderbox is not only a good comic book shop in Vienna, it’s just a cool shop overall

Are you a comic book addict and looking for a cool comic book shop in Vienna, Austria?

Then I’m recommending Bilderbox, a superb comic book shop that has a huge selection of comic books, graphic novels, children’s comics, classic comics like Tintin, street art books, and architecture and graphic design books.

You will find most of the popular graphic novels you are used to seeing in other comic book shops, as well as an excellent selection of graphic novels by European artists and writers.

If you’re into graffiti art, they also have an area full of spray paint cans and other urban art supplies where you’ll find just about everything you need for your next urban art project.

If you need help finding something, the owner of Bilderbox is incredibly knowledgeable about what he sells — and helpful if you have any questions — and the store itself is bright, spacious and welcoming. In fact, it’s definitely not one of those dark, poky traditional-style comic book shops where you can hardly see what they have as everything is so cramped.

The shop also has a good selection of Tintin figurines and a few other designer models, if you’re into collectibles.

Bilderbox is open on Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6:30-m and on Saturday from 12pm to 5pm. It is located in Vienna’s 7th district on Kirchengasse 40/1.


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