Barista Connect Vienna is August 4-6, 2017 — three days of coffee networking

Barista Connect Vienna offers women in the specialty coffee industry a chance to network and learn

No, I’m not a barista and | don’t plan on being one, but this upcoming event in Vienna caught my eye as I thought it was cool.

Called Barista Connect Vienna, it is an event that promises three days of coffee networking for female baristas.

Yep, for just women.

You also do not have to be a barista to be able to attend. Roasters, coffee shop owners, green buyers, trainers and entrepreneurs are all welcome. In fact, any woman who is involved in the specialty coffee industry.

Barista Connect Vienna will be held at Kaffee Süssmund (see map below) from August 4th to the 6th and will include lectures, practical sessions where you can learn all the tricks of the trade, and a panel about specialty coffee as well as information on gender equality in the coffee and cafe industries.

Topics to be discussed include Green Coffee from Female Producers, Social Media — Real and Surreal, Innovation in Coffee and Why You Should Sign Up for the Next Barista Competition.

There will also be tons of time to meet, talk and connect with other women in the specialty coffee industry, as that’s what this event is all about. Learning from each other and building professional connections.

Speakers include women (and a couple of guys too) from companies like Industra Coffee, Cocoa Runners, Julius Meinl, Prufrock Coffee, and Roestbar.

You can get tickets and learn more about the event at Barista Connect.

Barista Connect Vienna is part of the international Barista Connect organization. It was founded in Denmark in 2015 by Austrian Barista Champion Sonja Zweidickand has been expanding into a number of othercountries since.

Barista Connect Vienna begins at 3pm on August 4th and will end at 3pm on August 6th.

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