Austria’s Joya Soja Natur + Calcium is the best soy milk for your coffee ever!

Joya Soja Natur + Calcium is the best soy milk for your coffee ever!

I have a confession to make. I’m a struggling vegan in Vienna, Austria.

Meaning, there’s nothing wrong with Vienna or being a vegan in it, I’m just struggling to become one because of one thing. The milk I put in my coffee.

That is because I have tried every soy milk known to man, both in Vienna and in Thailand where I used to live, but every single one of them tastes disgusting when poured into coffee, and even worse when you realize it has a nasty after-taste as well.

Then a miracle happened.

An Austrian friend, who is a better vegan than me, recommended Joya Soja Natur + Calcium — an Austrian brand soy milk that, quite frankly, when you pour it into coffee is the absolute bomb.

No more weird funky icky taste when you’re drinking your coffee. And no more disgusting sour after-taste when you’ve finished.

Since then, I’ve managed to switch most of my drinks of coffee to soy only (with the occasional slip when I’m ordering a latte in a Vienna cafe and they don’t have Joya Soja Natur + Calcium). Because this stuff? It is the best soy milk for your coffee ever!

No more bloating

Another reason why I’ve started using the Joya Soja brand of soy milk is because out of all the other soy milks I have tried in my coffee, this one is the only one that doesn’t make me feel so bloated I could quite honestly die.

So, nowadays, not only do I use Joya Soja Natur + Calcium in my coffee, I also use it on my breakfast muesli and when I make any recipes that require milk. Because, yes, it’s great for cooking as well.

What is Joya Soja Natur + Calcium

It is an Austrian brand of soy milk — Joya brand — made from Austrian soy beans.

All the beans they grow are non-GMO, and have to meet very high standards before they will use them.

The company also offers fair partnerships to farmers — so, if you believe the people who grow our food should be given fair prices and treated well, then the Joya Soja brand is the one to buy.

And, if you’re in Austria and think protecting the environment is important (which Austrian doesn’t!), then it also pays to buy the Joya brand of soy milk as, being an Austrian brand, it has short transport routes too.


The ingredients that go into Joya Soja Natur + Calcium are also natural and few. Just these:

Soy-base 98% (water, soybeans 8,7%); sugar; calcium carbonate; salt; vitamin D2; vitamin B12

Note also that it includes Vitamin B12, which is something vegans must get from either a food source (namely soy milk or soy products that have added it) or from a Vitamin B12 supplement. If they do not, they can get incredibly sick as B12 is involved in the way every cell in your body functions.

Other flavors

The Joya brand of soy milk also comes in other flavors — vanilla and chocolate — as well as something called a Barista Soy Drink, which is specifically for use with coffee and does not have any added sugar. And, no, I have not tried it yet — but it is now next on my list as, if I am already loving their Natur + Calcium, I’m sure I will love this as well.

The company also sells a slew of coconut milk, oat, almond and cashew milks if soy is not your thing. As well as soy yogurts, soy tofu etc.

Price of Joya Soja Natur + Calcium

Most of the time, a carton of Joya Soja Natur + Calcium (and most of their other flavors and varieties) is between €1.70 and  €2.10, depending on where you buy it. I have seen it stocked at Billa, Spar and a few other supermarkets around town.

This week, though, I discovered the German-owned supermarket chain Penny (dirt cheap and good!) has all their Joya soy milk products on sale for just €1.49. So, yes, I did stock up.

Disclaimer (Don’t need one!)

And, just because someone is bound to wonder — No, I am not being paid to promote Joya Soja Natur + Calcium, nor did the company send me any cartons of the stuff for free.

It’s simply that I have spent three years in two countries trying to find a soy milk I could stomach in my coffee and this? It’s the only one I have found.

So, yes, I’m ecstatic about it and wanted to pass the tip on to you.

You can find out more about this soy milk plus all the other Joya brand products on their website.

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