A Yellow Viennese Mail Box — Beautiful and Yet So Scarred

A yellow Viennese mailbox — People walk around cities like Vienna, and do not always see the things they really should notice.

Whether it is because the things are normal, everyday objects, ¬†or that people are too busy looking in store windows, at classic architecture or at other people walking by, or because they don’t see the beauty in things like graffiti and street art, who knows?

But it is a pity so many lovely things are usually missed.

For me half the beauty of Vienna is in the usual things made unusual by what has been done to them. Whether by an organized group, by a person, or by a graffiti artist, a kid just passing by, or someone against a pristine society. But these additions to everyday objects really are beautiful.

Look at this yellow Viennese mail box, for instance. As if that gorgeously bright yellow isn’t beautiful enough, look what happens when people add a few ‘extras’ just to leave their mark. Now it really stands out.

And, to my eye at least, looks even prettier.

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