A Beautiful Vienna Bakery in Hernals — Photo of the Day

A Beautiful Vienna Bakery in Hernals — Photo of the Day

I have had several people that follow my Instagram account tell me, since they started looking at my photos, it has made them see Vienna in a different way. All of these people are Austrians, most of whom grew up in Vienna or have spent most of their adult lives here.

Yet, as they walk around their city day by day, they do not see much of what I see.

Does that make me more observant than them?

Likely not.

It’s just that I am relatively new to Vienna and so am walking around the city with my eyes more wide open, drinking in all the new things I see every day.

Things I see and love about Vienna?

The architecture is a big one. But not just the buildings themselves. Instead, the decorative touches that have been added to them to make them so lovely.

The statues, the flower boxes, the designs etched into marble, the murals, the tile work. If you just look up as you walk instead of always keeping your eyes at street level, it is amazing what this city has to offer. On every street and on almost every building.

So today’s Photo of the Day.

A bakery in the Hernals district of Vienna. Because just look at that gorgeous mural and that stunning lettering.

I stop and just stare at this building every time I pass it. Because it’s beautiful.

Plus, come on, it’s an independent bakery. And we should all be giving local businesses like this much more of our custom than we do the corporate supermarkets dotted all over Vienna nowadays.

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